Terms & Conditions


Please keep in mind

  • You can't create multiple listings for a single item
  • You can't list the same listing across several geographic areas
  • Listings must only be related to physical items or services. Actual ads like marketing services are not allowed
  • Phone contacts, emails and prices are not allowed in the "Title" and "Description" fields.
  • You can edit, delete or insert a new listing.
  • Listings that do not comply with our Rules, Support or Policy or that are not in compliance will local laws won’t be approved.
  • If you are not sure that your listing complies with our terms & conditions, please email our customer support to contact@bigyapan.com

 Posting rules

If a listing is not approved due to policy breach, you will be offered to create a new version of the listing. Bigyapan.Com bears full rights to approve or decline any listing. The Posting Rules may be amended at any time and it is the user’s responsibility to make sure that it is complying with the latest updates concerning our Rules.

Listing Title

Listing title must briefly describe the item or service being offered. It shouldn’t contain phone number, email addresses or any of the following items:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Price
  • Urgent
  • I sell, For Sell, Sales, Offer(s)
  • Demand, asking
  • Any link (URL path)
  • Date
  • Company name
  • Social Media link

« Demand » or « Looking For » listings will be approved exclusively in the Jobs & Services Category (for instance : « Looking For a Cook »). Bigyapan.Com bears full rights to amend listings’ titles for them to comply with our policies.

Minimim Standards to comply with for titles in the following categories:
Cars & Vehicules: Make + Brand + Year (example : Hyundai Santro Mod 2010)
Phones & Multimedia: Brand + 1 single feature (example: Samsung Grand Prime 16 Gb)
Real Estate: listing type (Land / House / Apartment / Commercial) + size (example: Land 4 Ana)

Listing Details:

he item or service must be described in the listing text. It is forbidden to edit the listing details with a link pointing toward another page. Content shouldn’t be pasted from another listing, as it will be considered duplicate content. Please make sure to include enough information in the listing details section (brand, product, new, refurbished, second hand etc.) : your listing will be more successful.
Phone contacts, emails and prices are not allowed in the "Title" and "Description" fields. Please use the appropriate fields.


Bigyapan.Com accepts exclusively listings in English or in Nepali.


All listings must have at least one picture (except Jobs & Services category), with no watermark. Picture must clearly describe the item or service being offered.


The listing must be created in the most suitable category. If the publisher fails to do so, Bigyapan.Com bears full rights to shift the category. If you want to offer several items at once, please create several listings (one listing for each item), in each relevant category.

One single product per listing:

It is not allowed to list more than one product per listing.

Unique Listings:

It is not allowed to list multiple items in the same listing. If you want to offer several items at once, please create several listings (except for series, shoes, or cutlery for instance)


Listing details shouldn’t include any link.


Duplicate ads are prohibited: You can not post an ad with the same content as another ad already active on the site. Delete the old ad, wait 30 minutes, and post your new ad. Similarly, it is forbidden to publish ads for the same article, service or job under different categories or in different regions. If you want to put your ad at the top of the page, simply enjoy our "Promotion" service.


Only ads for sale, rental, employment or service are allowed. The use of an advertisement for pure marketing purposes is prohibited.

Pro/Business Ads:

Advertisements categorized as "Shop" published on Bigyapan.Com are reserved for businesses. Bigyapan.Com reserves the right to judge the professional nature of an advertisement.


The services offered or sought must comply with the laws in force in Nepal for each profession.

Pets/Live Stock:

The sale of animals on Bigyapan.Com must comply with the legislation in force in Nepal. Non-compliant pictures will not be accepted.

Pirated and counterfeits goods:

Ads offering articles prohibited for sale by the legislation in force in Nepal are prohibited. All products and services offered on the site must be real, legally acquired (not stolen) and located in Nepal.
In addition, the following articles and services are strictly prohibited on Bigyapan.Com

  • Weapons: Pistols, knives and swords, explosives, tear gas, US punches, batons, etc.
  • Drugs and other narcotics, Alcohol, tobacco
  • Fireworks and derived products
  • Pharmaceutical product or medical drugs
  • Threatened species according to local and international laws as well as exotic animals and plants
  • Precious stones
  • Human organs
  • Counterfeits goods
  • Illegal or pirated copies of software or audiovisual elements, including memory cards or other storage formats such as DVDs, CDs and books
  • Astrology, Voodoo or Black Magic, tarot
  • Natural products supposed to cure diseases
  • Coupons, vouchers and credit cards
  • Sexually explicit content or services
  • Pyramid sales and job offers from "work at home"
  • Monetary operations - Announcements proposing the exchange of any legal tender
  • Offers to earn money quickly
  • Proposal of meetings, relations, friendships, or requests for donations or help
  • Sale of unlimited internet chips
  • Sale of iCloud-locked iPhones

Imported Vehicles:

Advertisements for vehicles outside Nepal are prohibited, EXCEPT for advertisements that clearly indicate in the description:

  • Where is currently the vehicle?
  • Who handles the customs clearance?
  • Cash on delivery or down payment required?

Injurious content:

Ads or pictures that may be perceived as an insult to individuals, ethnic groups or personalities are prohibited.

Unrealistic offers:

Unrealistic offers are not allowed. Bigyapan.Com reserves the right to define what is unrealistic.

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