Bigyapan Custom Packages

For Sellers & Brands who need more than promotions in and more technical & marketing consulting can directly send a quotation request as per your requirement from packages mentioned below. Currently we are working on creating more specialized packages for real-estate, vehicles, and second hand buyers & sellers, which will  launch soon. 

Launch Packages -

  • Reach to every bigyapan users during the launch period.
  • Consultation regarding your cross platform marketing
  • Social media Campaigns
  • Website Landing Page Creations
  • SMS, E-mail, Brochure, managements
  • Help you meet & hire agencies you need help from
  • Discussion with our creative & media Production team.

Platinum Packages -

  • Platinum package is for those who want to spend more than 25,000 and want everything as they like.
  • Choose your ingredients, we will spice up the value you get.
  • Custom tailored experience

Banner Ad Slot Bidding -

  • Get access to bigyapan ad slots as long as you require
  • First come, First serve

To subscribe the packages contact :

Bigyapan Trusted Partner

If you are looking for Being Bigyapan Trusted Partner and from the list below or anyone who can help online sellers & buyers:-

  • Media
  • Logistics
  • Payment wallet
  • Printing
  • Food
  • Training
  • Ed tech
  • Banking partner
  • Ride Sharing
  • Tech Partner
  • Clothing Partner
  • Legal

Apply soon, it will be reserved for one partners in each categories. & we have exciting features, interviews, guides and prioritized posts for our partners. Make sure to submit your official documentation while applying as our partner 

Special Offers :

  • We prioritize organic products, futuristic products and eco-friendly products. We are keen to place your bigyapan in Banner ad slots for free if above mentioned products are Made in Nepal
  • We have special premium listing offers. Learn more - 
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