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duke 200 on sale

| maitidevi

Single handed bike in excellent condition No need to maintain Fresh body Fresh engine New tyres Tax all cleared

NPR 275,000.00

r15 V1 on sale

| kathmandu

Looks like new Good milaze 40/60 45 Lot new tyres Good condition Bahira jana lagekole Argent vayera bechna lageko only serious buyer le matra...

NPR 115,000.00

suzuki gixer on sale

| gangabu

Bike sale good condition engine 2year guarantee na35pa420 bike number millage 35. price fixed

NPR 125,000.00

Bike on Sale

| Kathmandu

One hand bike ho yekdam fresh Cha engine full fresh Cha tax clear up to 2076 .

NPR 209,500.00

fashino scooter on sale

| nakhu dobato

Lot no:72 Model:2016 Scooty fresh xa dherai run pani bhako xaina timely serviced scooter engine sound dherai smooth xa serious buyers can call on...

NPR 120,000.00

Bike on Sale

| Gana auto & bike hub,Ekantakuna

Bike fresh xa full MANTAINed gara ko ho condition pani fine xa tax clear up to (75/76) searious buyer call me

NPR 126,000.00

Bike on Sale

| Kathmandu

bike fresh xa kei kharcha xaina smooth engien fresh aile samma kholeko xaina intrested people

NPR 125,000.00

dio scooter on sale

| kathmandu

Model : 2018 Lot : 002 Km : 3000 Fully fresh like new with full insurence free serving book

NPR 187,000.00

omni cargo van on sale

| satdobato

Omni cargo van on sale. Not used so much. Paisa chahekolae bechna aateko Only 50 days hardly used. 1600km only run.. Interested one direct call

NPR 1,020,000.00

apache rtr 200 on sale or exchange

| koteshowr

exchange with pulsar ns 200 /pulsar 220

NPR 190,000.00

A vehicle is a machine that transports people or goods. Wagons,bicycles, motor vehicles (motorcycles,buses,trucks,cars), railed vehicles (trains,trams), watercraft (ships, boats), aircraft and spacecraft are typical kind of vehicle. Land vehicles like cars, trucks etc use land as a means of transport, railed vehicles like trains also use land but for them specific tracks are build,they are fast and can carry a lot of good in a bulk , watercraft vehicles like ships and boats use water as the means of transports and aircraft like airplanes, helicopters doesn't use land as a means of transport but uses air as a means of transport and are also the fastest means of transport.   

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