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How to Sale Fast

How to sell fast on Bigyapan.Com

1. Choose the right price

To choose the right price for your item, you can browse similar ads on our website. The more competitive your price is, the faster you will sell your item.

2. Write a detailed description

A detail description of your item will make it easier for the buyer to understand what you are selling. Make sure to keep the title short and clear.

3. An ad with pictures gets 7 times more views!

Add to your description one or several real pictures of your item using different angles and good lightening. You will sell your item seven times faster!


How to Sell your Real Estate

Here you can find our best advice on how to sell your real estate property fast through Bigyapan.Com.

Write a detailed description

The description of your ad is the showcase of your real estate poprty. It gives the buyer a first impression on the quality of your property. Make sure you define the location, area, number of rooms and strengths of your product properly.

Estimate your property at the right price

It is highly recommended to seek the support of an expert on this. Otherwise, you can compare prices among all of our ads on the website, taking into consideration the geographical location and the quality of the property. If your price is too high, you may have trouble finding buyers.

Upload many pictures

You should upload good and rewarding pictures to your listing. Take as many pictures as possible, of all rooms and all parts of your house. Try to use a digital camera for high quality pictures.


How To Sell Your Vehicle

This is our best advice to sell your Vehicle fast

Sell at a Good Price

Several criteria will influence the pricing of your vehicle so browse similar ads (model, year of construction, mileage, engine type, similar options, etc.) on Bigyapan.Com website to get an idea of the value of your vehicle. Remember that selling at a fair and negotiable price will attract a lot of customers.


It is recommended to take as many pictures as possible of both interior and exterior of your vehicle. Pictures of the interior and engine have proven to be efficient when it comes to win the buyer’s trust.


Write a detailed description of your vehicle and mention all the options and equipments (AC, ABS, power steering, etc.). One option might determinate the purchase for the buyer. To gain the buyers' trust, explain why you are selling your vehicle: it could be because you just got a company vehicle, you need a bigger car, you are moving abroad or just because you need money.

Special tips for buyers

• Make sure that the seller is actually the owner of the vehicle

• Always check the origin of the vehicle before buying it (make sure it’s not a stolen vehicle).

• Try to check the authenticity of the mileage

• Make sure the technical inspection of the vehicle is up to date

• Have the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic

• Always use a purchase contract


How to Sell your Mobile Phone

If you are listing your Mobile Phone on Bigyapan.Com, you might notice that your ad will not stand out from others. This is our best advice to help you sell your Mobile Phone fast

Post a Picture

Most of the searches are filtered by “ads with picture”. Make your picture look clean, use good lightening on your product and upload as many pictures as you can (especially the brand en.fulltext and the damaged parts if existing).

Be Up Front About Your Products' Condition

Don't forget that Bigyapan.Com is a marketplace for used items. Buyers will appreciate if you are honest about the condition of your item, so do not forget to mention the damaged areas in the description or show them in the photos.

Be Reasonable on Pricing

To get an idea of the price of your phone, look for similar products on Bigyapan.Com in your city. Picking the right price will help you sell your phone right away.