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scorpio on hire

| Three Boys Apartment & Hotel

Dear Friends! Vehicle on hire!!! Wish u Happy Holi, we are providing holi offer. If any one looking for vehicle hire for your safe trip in Nepal plea...

NPR 5,500.00

Jumbo hiace toyota

| balaju

Jumbo hiace 2007 model... Route no 23 ma chaliraheko ...dainik minimum 2500 Maximum 4000 kamucha... Tourist hiace kinna lageko le bechnalako..

NPR 1,700,000.00

2007 model maruti Suzuki van for sale

| tinkune

Engine looks new all in good condition 6.intest buyer direct call

NPR 400,000.00

omnicargo van on sell

| sinamangal

Gadi eakdim fresh xa thulo gadi lina lagako ra bechna lagako ho

NPR 850,000.00

taxi for sale 2016

| tinkune

Good condition finance facility call

NPR 1,850,000.00

omni cargo van on sale

| satdobato

Omni cargo van on sale. Not used so much. Paisa chahekolae bechna aateko Only 50 days hardly used. 1600km only run.. Interested one direct call

NPR 1,020,000.00

jeep on rent

| kathmandu

scorpio jeep on rent inside and outside the valley.

NPR 6,000.00

Commercial Vehicle is a type of motor vehicle used for transporting goods or paying passengers.  Commercial vehicle may be fleet vehicles, company cars, or other vehicles used for business purpose.

A vehicle may be considered a commercial vehicle if it belongs to a company or a corporation, is used as a leased vehicle in the en.description of the financial institution that owns it, if it exceeds a certain weight or class and therefore is classified as a commercial even though it may not be commercially used or commercially owned.  

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