Vacancy Posting Tips & Tricks

Vacancy Posting Tips & Tricks

One of the major problems you face in your company is managing human resources. It can be considered one of the major headaches when it comes to getting the right candidate in the short period of time. 

One of the problems with HR services available is the upfront cost it brings when it comes to hiring. Even getting interns for your company you have to spend a substantial amount of money to get services.

Here are some free & paid tips and tricks for your hiring process. 

Free Tips

  1. Facebook 

    1. If you are already on facebook or other social media platforms, use those platforms to reach audiences & active job seekers who have been following you. Always reach out to other influencers and your employees to get further help to bring attention to those posts.
    2. There are groups like internships in nepal, job posting in nepal and others that you can easily post to get possible employees for your company. These groups have been a helpful platform since people can easily comment and interact with you. And oftentimes people have been recommending people to apply for your jobs.
  2. Website

    1. You may currently have your own website where you may post job openings. Make sure when you have a vacant position open, website visitors can easily see your career page. 
    2. Having a job open on a website doesn't guarantee you have been visible on google. There are certain guidelines from google that help you to be visible for job searching professionals. To learn more about how to get your SEO right for job visit the following link: - 
  3. Linkedin

    1. Linkedin is an amazing place for getting highly experienced professionals but linkedin has its limitation of posting only one job at a time. So when you have multiple vacant positions you can take help from your other employees to post jobs on your behalf.

    1. is a free advertisement platform where you can list your Job openings for free. We have been working on making job posts and getting hired directly without any commission or charges.  Join here :- 

Paid Ads 

  1. Facebook Ads

    1. Facebook Ads have been one of the effective tools to get attention of potential employees. One of the many ad campaigns that may help you would be facebook message ads. And to not violate facebook anti-discrimination policy for advertisement, you have to make sure you select Employment type in facebook ads. You also should not post ads that ask for only female or male in your advertisement to prevent potential advertisement ban. 

Preparing Content for your Job Listing.

You might have a great job opportunity for someone but most of the time with job openings people don't get a clear understanding of the position open, company’s benefit & expectation and salary. 

  1. Make a clear job position statement and the roles & responsibility of the vacant job.
  2. Be detailed about the relevant experience required to apply for your job to reduce no of spammy CV’s.
  3. Make your job opening omnichannel by asking them to send an email to your company’s HR department.
  4. Try to add benefits & salary ranges your company offers to make your job opening appealing
  5. Add about your company culture and other exciting things on your website and make the post much more creative to show you are a serious & exciting company to join.