Why should your business be on google map?

Why should your business be on google map?

One of the major trends in online marketing has been using SEO and being able to rank on top of google search. If your business is on google map it makes you easy to be discoverable locally and known as Local SEO where google prioritizes your business around your locality & service areas. 

How to get started?

Listing your business on google map needs and Google my Business Profile. It helps you manage your places and claim ownership of your business.

To list your business 

What does Google offer to my business?

To know about what to do in google my business you need to know what google business profile lets you. Here are few things you can show to your customer:-

  • Name
  • Address ( Exact Location )
  • Phone No
  • Website
  • Photos & Videos 
  • Your services / Products
  • Notices / Posts
  • Get Customer Reviews

    Beside information about your business you can get insights about your listing and know how customers are interacting with you. 

    How do I effectively use Google maps ?

    • Use your listing to let customers know about your business & information about your business.
    • Provide the exact location of your business & service areas to get discovered easily online. 
    • If you have a website where you sell, make sure to put your website. Bigyapan.com easily lets you show your catalog with your shop link and you can post that link to show your business. Visit : https://bigyapan.com/register to get started
    • Use google maps to engage with customers by replying to their review, answering users' query and if you are on mobile you can even receive messages from customers. 
    • Update posts/ notices about your business to let your customers know about offers, updates, products you sell. 


    Google map is by no means a new term to us. We have been interacting with it when we search for any businesses and it is open to every small to biggest of shops, businesses and places. If you are listed on google maps it makes it easy to trust your business and be discovered for the things you sell.